About Us
Chic Cosmetic Industries Ltd. is a future-oriented, go-ahead company that develops, manufactures and markets a diversified range of beauty care products both under its own brand and for private label requirements. We take pride in our experienced and competent team of researchers and marketing professionals, who place their expertise and inventive capabilities at the service of every customer.
Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Israel, Chic Cosmetic Industries is one of Israel’s leading cosmetic companies.

Chic Cosmetic Industries specializes in the development and manufacture of a wide range of makeup products, beauty care items, perfume and toiletries for its own distribution network. The company also creates products which are custom-tailored to answer the specific requirements of frontline companies in Israel and around the world.

Private Label Services
In our private label manufacture, our objective is to create products that ensure that our customers enjoy the competitive edge in their marketplace. Through our dedicated to working closely with our clients, we place our technological know-how at their service as well as offering them access to the latest innovations in their areas of operation.

Marketing & Distribution
Chic Cosmetic Industries is active in sales and marketing both in the local market and abroad. Chic exports a wide variety of products to the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Ethiopia, East and Western Europe, Russia and CIS countries, and the Far East.

Quality Assurance
Our state-of-the-art laboratory provides quality and microbiology tests for raw materials and finished products. We also direct substantial investments into the research and development of innovative products and advanced components and maintain a special laboratory for new product formulation, and color cosmetics development

Reliable, consistent quality
In addition to offering our customers a wide variety of products that comply with stringent quality standards, every product we develop undergoes stringent quality assurance procedures. Furthermore, we are certified with ECOCERT, GMP 22716:2007, and ISO 22726, IS0 9001:2008 registration and all our Dead Sea products carry Certified Dead Sea Products endorsement.
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